Below is the Statement of Purpose I wrote considering all the factors. I just wanted to post it here so I could get expert opinion for any corrections or suggestions, please feel free to comment and let me know if there's anything I should change. Many thanks to you all.

- Here it goes:

Statement of Purpose
From the moment we are born, we engage ourselves in an act that we continually use to get what we want Ė we sell ourselves. From our first tear as a baby to our last smile as a gentle adult, we promote ourselves to everyone around us and over the years, we get skilled at it. So if one makes a career out of something that he or she has been doing all their life, then, one really would not be putting in a single dayís effort. I have been marketing myself to the rest of the world, and now, I would like to use my talent and potential to help others market themselves. I have thus long been wondered the extent up to which I could go to help people in marketing and have therefore decided to pursue a masterís degree in MA Advertising & Marketing at University of Leeds. Many esteemed advertisers and marketers have honed their craft in the halls of Leeds and I hope to count myself among their ranks. All though I lack international experience and global knowledge of the subject, I am confident that my previous academic and work experiences, combined with my passion for the subject matter, have given me the passion and experience that I will require to succeed whilst studying the MA Advertising & Marketing program in the Leeds University Business School at University of Leeds.

I am currently pursuing Bachelorís degree in Journalism & Mass Communication from Amity University, India. During my three years at the university, I acquired a deep and beneficial basic understanding of Advertising Principles & Practices, Public Relations, Media Planning, Media Buying, Advertising Design and Brand Management and have since been fascinated by the concepts to an extent which led me to participate in the Ad-Drive event and design 5 ads for NGOs. In addition to my work in the classroom I have conducted researches on ďEffect of Advertisements on buying behavior of rural consumersĒ and ďHistory of Indian AdvertisingĒ. I was elected the Class Representative in my first semester of college as voted by my fellow mates who saw a leader in me, a position Iím thankful for. I was responsible for managing the various activities that took place in the classroom and also represented my class in various meetings with the senior faculties. I was also the Coordinator of Amity Youth Fest which is a yearly university affair and I managed about 25,000 students in a team of about 150 students. I was also the Captain of my Departmentís hockey team and lead them from the front. These experiences were instrumental in developing my leadership and communication abilities, and I learned how to work both independently and as a part of a group while meeting deadlines under pressure. Overall, I expect that my undergraduate experiences will be immensely useful when in graduate school, as I will be able to draw the skills that I have learned and overcome any challenges that I may face.

While attending the university, I took advantage of my free time to acquire practical experience in the workplace. During summer vacations, I helped a school organize their summer camp and as Iím a sports enthusiast I coached the hockey team of the school being a state level hockey player myself. All though this was my first job and a relatively basic one at that, I was able to learn many valuable skills, such as how to manage timings favourbale to students and the coaches and teachers, managing the transportation from various places, dealing with parents of the children and convincing how this camp would benefit their children which later on prepared me for my later work.
While I was in my last semester of the university I started interning at Ogilvy & Mather under the client servicing department where I work till date. I greatly enjoy this position as it acts the link between the consumer and the brand and it drives my need to know about the human mind and psychology of the consumer, something I have always wanted to do. True passion can come only from doing something you love and this is why marketing interests me as it is something I love to do. While working in Ogilvy & Mather I learned how to satisfy the clientís need within a deadline and how to communicate with them, how to make artworks and organize the studio, how to be creative and market to excel. Working in such an esteemed and competitive organization taught me how to work in a fast and demanding environment where you always have to be on the edge and precise. I worked for Yum Foods managing brands like KFC all over India. Most importantly, my work in this regard rekindled my appreciation of advertising and marketing, and it was during that time that I solidified my desire to pursue postgraduate studies in Advertising & Marketing. I expect that my work experience, with being directly related to the field I wish to work in, has provided me with a strong base understanding of the industry, experience and abilities that I will need when pursuing my masterís degree at University Of Leeds.

I have decided to apply to the MA Advertising & Marketing program at University of Leeds because of the quality education being catered to all the students without discrimination. I wish to undertake the advance study of Marketing in your Institute because of the excellent teaching staff and outstanding reputation of the university. By studying the courses such as Relationship and Direct Marketing, International Marketing and Marketing Strategy, I will acquire the skills that I will need to achieve my goals and develop a successful career in this field as well as make me more dedicated, excited and active being in a highly ranked university. I am eager to study in Leeds, United Kingdom, which is known for its vibrant academic environment and one of the most student friendly cities in the world. Moreover, studies in UK are acknowledged to be world class, so it would be an opportunity for me to study in that place and it would certainly provide me with and edge in my career. Apart from this, living away from my home country would also increase my confidence and make me completely independent.
After completing my masterís degree, I plan to begin working at a multinational Advertising & Marketing firm, and it is my goal eventually to become a leading marketer in the world with my own firm, helping people all around the globe to sell what they make as marketing can kill a product with great potential if not done right and at the same time lead to the success on a product with lesser potential if done with creativity and uniqueness. Achieving this goal, however, requires that I study in a rigorous academic environment such as yours, among professors who are also leading professionals in the industry. Therefore, I consider your masterís program to be a very important step on my overall career path, and I am thus very grateful for your consideration of my application.