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    Lightbulb can you please check my essay

    question : what qualities do you think make a good employer?

    Various people have different opinions about a good employer. However, i think a fair employer should have safe working environment, good benefits/salary, and should have same advancement opportunities... this list can go on forever.
    Firstly, before joining any employer, the first think I will consider the work environment employer is provided me. Because, in newspaper or in internet advertisement all employers speak good things about their companies. But sometime in reality, when we work in the environment, we realize our mistake not finding enough information about the environment of the company. The safe work environment involve things like clean work conditions, good ventilation, less nosey and good understanding between employees etc. These conditions help us focus in our work or work without any distraction or interference. This is ultimately direct towards good job outcomes.
    Secondly, fair benefits/ salary is a quality I think important for me. During our job searching process we give first preference to the employer who can provide us good extended health benefits (such as, drug, vision, dental, and other health care services benefits) and salary (such as, salary match with our qualification).since, everyone know that it is not easy to pay out of pocket for the medical expenses because of high cost. The employer which can provide me some help (80% or 90%) to pay for these expenses can reduce my burden related to the health cost. Moreover, the fair salary mean; the salary which can value our qualification or can meet minimum wages assigned by the government. For example, if I am working as a laboratory technician, the employer should give me more salary then a doctor assistant because of difference in our work responsibilities. Additionally, the excellent employer is who increase my salary after a certain period of time instead of keeping me at same salary for number of years.
    Lastly, the advancement opportunities in the company i think is one of quality a employer should have. In another words we can say that the employer should make availability of opportunities that can help me and the company in progress such as, promotion and continue education funds. For example, the employer who empowers their employees by provided them extra fund for education consider as a good employer. Because the fund for continue education for their employees help not only improve their knowledge but also contribute to bringing new schemes or plan for the company. This will indirectly lead to company progress.
    In conclusion, the employer those offers me a safe work environment, fair benefits /salary, and help me in advancement make me stop looking for other employment opportunities.

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    Re: can you please check my essay

    When will you submit this essay to your teacher/tutor?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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