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    Double meaning of newspaper headlines

    Dear teachers!

    I have a task (from the textbook 'Progress to Proficiency' by Leo Jones) to explain the double meaning or a joke in some newspaper headlines.
    However, I failed to understand some of them:

    - Mine exploded on building site
    - Women who smoke have lighter children (is it an analogy with light cigarettes?)
    - Hospital guards stab victim (the irony is that the guardian should defend and instead he kills a person?)
    - Dog rescues cat
    - The teacher from hell (again, I can't see any double meaning, perhaps it's an allusion to a work of fiction or and idiom? I found that 'from hell' means 'denoting a person or thing that is particularly bad or alarming', but still I don't find the instance funny).

    It's quite possible that some of these examples are too simple or evident to be discussed, but I would be very greatful for your kindly assistance.

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    Re: Double meaning of newspaper headlines

    Welcome to the forums, aktyvia.

    Sorry — we don't help with homework assignments.

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