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    Please help me to check this Motivation letter for MBA in Finland

    Hi guys,
    Please help me review this Motivation Letter for MBA in Finland. Thanks so much.

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    It is my pleasure to write this letter to express my motivation for Master program ...

    I was born in an agricultural family in the typical countryside of Viet Nam. When being a child with awareness of my parents' toilsome livelihoods, I always reminded myself that I had to work hard in order to become a successful businessman. As I was a little older, I had more chances to be early exposed to society. I realized that my country was still an underdeveloped one where people lived under the average living standard of the world. It would be a long run for it to be able to keep abreast with developed countries. This became the motivation for me to pursue my ideal.

    My first success was the approval of National Economics University (NEU) which is one of the most prestigious universities in my country. With the outstanding University Entrance Exam score (27.5/30), I became a NEUer, majoring in Commercial Business Administration. Besides being a class monitor, I also participated in a student volunteer group. It really helped to enrich my leadership, since I had been a leader of this group for 2 years. In 2009, I was granted the Certificate of Appreciation by the NEU Student Association for my great contribution to its activities.

    Being aware of the importance of the higher education, I considered working as a method to accumulate not only experience but also finance for further education. With desire of working in a multinational environment, I chose Viettel Global Investment as my first destination. It is a subsidiary of Viettel Group, the largest telecommunication group in Viet Nam. After that, I was deployed to Laos market to work for Star Telecom Company - the joint venture between Viettel Global and Lao Asia Telecom - the biggest telecommunication services provider in Laos with more than 2 million subscribers. Assuming the responsibility of a head of a district business center, I developed the number of local subscribers two-fold (from under 4,000 to more than 9,000). Thanks to this excellent performance, I was promoted to take in charge of Design and Policies of Products Division of Business Department of the company in its Headquarter. I had more ample opportunities to apply knowledge that I learnt from university to strategic and planning work. Within 1 year working there, I proposed and carried out a variety of promotion programs, product policies and marketing campaign which greatly contributed to company's magnificent successes. Therefore, I was granted the Emulation Award for excellent performances in 2011.

    The idea of studying abroad came to me early of 2012, when I got a critical trauma after a motor-accident. Taking doctor's and surgeon's advice into consideration, I decided to leave Star Telecom and Viettel Global to my hometown in order to be more convenient for treatment. At home, I was intensely involved in managing my father's small carpentry workshop. It took me no long time to realize disadvantages of his business. Firstly, there were limited in its products and market. Besides, my father's managing style based on experience without business theoretical knowledge was a stumbling block to expand the workshop. I intended to improve it into a large workshop which will produce furniture as well as wooden crafted objects to export. I believe that in order to implement successful this intention, I need to equip myself international business knowledge, management skills and understanding about cultures of other nations which will be my target markets in future. A Master program regarding International Business or Business Administration is most suitable to me.

    I consider Finland as the best choice for my further education because of several reasons. Firstly, Finland has a free education policy which is relevant to my financial situation since I earned about more than xx thousand after two years working. Also, Finnish education system is one of the most outstanding systems worldwide. Finland is the convergence of cultures, since there are many international students from various nations studying there. It will be the precious chance for me to learn about other cultures and create the international network. Among many Finnish universities, I am strongly impressed by University ___ due to the prestige and education quality, which are proved by the university's high ranking over the world. The Master program of ___ will be an extraordinary ticket for my future plan because it provides both in-depth understanding of the global business environment and the way doing business cross borders.

    I am certain that my previous academic, professional career and my strong interest in business make me a perfect candidate for Master's Degree Program in ____ at your university.

    I greatly appreciate your consideration of my application and I look forward to your positive response.

    Yours sincerely,

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    Re: Please help me to check this Motivation letter for MBA in Finland

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