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    New likes/thanks format

    Hi, I thought I'd list a few dislikes I have with the new system, in case others feel the same. I realise it's only new, but maybe tweaks are possible. I've already mentioned the sheer space it takes up on the page.

    Notifications now list the likes/thanks that I've given, as well as those given to me. Can I turn the former off?
    More annoyingly, and this feature is definitely inferior to the old system, our Likes are listed for the thread we posted in, not for our posts. We can get multiple Likes for the same thread from the same person, and there's no way to tell which posts this person has 'liked'. Obviously one can chase up the thread, but that would tend to make the whole notification system redundant.


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    Re: New likes/thanks format

    Tweaks are possible- I will see what Red5 can do. We had to introduce a new system because the old system is about to be wiped out by the next software update as it's a plugin that has gone to the wall. A few features are going to be affected, so we're having to look for solutions. Another area that will be affected is the sytem that shows the meaning of acronyms like BrE when you mouse over.

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