I wrote a short email for asking few questions to an admission office of university.
But i'm not sure about my grammar so i need help to make sure of my writing before i send it.
I would appreciate for your help.
Thank you :)



I'm an international student (outside the European Economic Area) who are interested in studying in your master program starting in September,2014. Since I'm preparing all the requirement documents until February admission session, I have few questions and I would be very grateful for your help.

1.To whom should I write my cover letter? Can I write your name or others?

2.I will complete my undergraduate studies after the February's application deadline . My bachelor's degree will be received in the middle of March. Can I submit my certificate of expected graduation first and submit my diploma after the deadline?

3.Is there a certain format for the summary of my experience of my 4th year of university studies? (https://iga.ujf-grenoble.fr/sites/ig..._procedure.pdf application documents number 4) and what if I do not have an internship experience, instead had an 1 year exchange program experience from 2nd semester of 3rd year and 1st semester of 4th year, can i write a summary of this experience?

4.I'm wondering what the differences in meaning are between requirement documents 5.Detailed programme of previous studies and 8.Photocopy of detailed list of subjects specifying the marks. My university only publish a transcript and it contains all the subjects I took, timetables and marks. What kind of document should i submit in this case?

5.According to your webpage, it says i need to apply Campus France before applying on-line application of your university to obtain a registration number by Campus France, but on Campus France's webpage, it says i need to submit Attestation d’inscription/pré-inscription by university which i apply to register. Which direction should i follow?

6.Who should I contact to confirm that my application has been received?

Thank you so much for your time and reading my questions and I look forward to hearing from you.