Hello all,

I am from Vietnam, and not so good in English, especialy in writing. So I decided to put more effort in it, i will try to write in English more. But my problem that I need some people to correct, edit my writing so I can improve my skill.

Other problem that I don't have a lot vocabulary and gramma structure, so I usually write very basic.

So, here is my thing, and I am very happy that somebody helps me with new vocabulary, structures or anythings. Thanks you so much.

"Here is story about my love, in fact my ex-love. It has been more than 2 years ago, we were hanging out together after she came back from exchange program in USA. We had a lot of fun and end of it, we fall in love.

Back in time, we studied in junior school together, so we knew each other long time. And in university although we didnít study same school, we still became very close, chatting all night, sharing interesting things. And at that time, we were best friend. I had something special feelings about her because she is so good, the best girl I ever met, and it was so easily to talk with her all night. But I think it is just a like-thing.

And she went abroad for exchange program 1 years, we still had a little contact by email, facebook, just a little bit.

After that, she came back, we went out more and more. I figured out she also had some feeling for me, and I took my chance. We became lover and I was her first love, I also if it was a love (until now, I am not sure is it a love or not).

At first, we were so happiness, we are on the same page, share everything about job, life, family. Time by time, I begin to have kind of boring stuff, sometimes I just want to hang out with my friends instead of going out with her. It makes me so depress, guilty.

After 2 years of love, I had to go abroad for work about 1 years, so we had love far away. When I have stayed first 3 months in foreign, I knew something was wrong because I was not really miss her. I donít know why but it is just not missing. So I decided to tell her all my feelings and at that time we were break-up."