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Thread: 3 short emails

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    3 short emails

    Hi there, could someone check these two emails and tell me if there is something wrong with them and why. I'm especially concerned with the usage of present perfect vs. past simple.

    1. Please let me know if you managed to prepare a complete list of works connected with my interest. I'm running out of time due to the fact that I have to finish my work untill the end of April and I'd like to photocopy some articles included in box8. Thank you,

    2. Thank you for his e-mail adress. I've heard that he took a somewhat controversial stance on various subjects connected with folklore but I know nothing more about it... so hopefully I'll know more once I get in touch with him.

    3. Thank you so much for your answers. I'm obliged to you for answering my questions and for spending time on them. I'm sorry about my slow reply, but my computer (actually the system) has crashed. Fortunately I've not lost any data. I've already asked the staff to search for all papers concerning the topic and anything connected with it. I've also asked them to search for information about black music influences on the genre in genera. If everything goes well, I'll have access that material. Hope, everything goes fine...

    Thanks, best wishes,

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    Re: 3 short emails

    untill the end of April- by
    in genera- general?

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    Re: 3 short emails


    gee, no more mistakes ? cool :D I tgought that I made more of them ;)

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