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    Please help me to correct this essay for presentation!!! important

    Aloha,everybody, today, I introduce the person who is my father. My father is harsh and full of love for me. His name is Michael accepted traditional education. He was a teacher. In his times, teachers talked anything theories, students must not retorted them. Students also abided strictly by teachers'orders. This concept was ingrained in his brain. He also used to teach me the same way. In my mind, his personality was stubborn and did not easy to agree other people opinions. He used to focus the results and never care what happen they were.
    I had a elder brother. My father treated me tightly when he understood my brother cannot graduate in high school. So i did not very like him. Generation gap and his personality were big problem between our relationship. We always argued in different topics, even we knew his point of view was wrong. He still did not accepted other people suggestions and then we did not care each other. Our relationship became bad little by little.
    This unhealthy relationship until his mother (my grandmother) passed away. She was a merciful grandmother. She always hoped we can repaired our relationship. In that night, we saw her passed away. We did to have stirring of emotion at that moment. We thought she said that" Families are not irreplaceable." After that night, we had a talked. We started to change our attitude. We gradually get to know each other. When I considered his role of father, I discovered I was really foolish son. I always retorted him. His feeling maybe " the higher expectations he has, the more disappointments he will have."Because he loves me, he blames me when I have any mistakes. Because he loves me, he hope i do not become as same as my brother. Because he loves me, he hope use his life experience to teach me. He just do not know how to express his love for me.
    Now, our relationship is changed by ourselves. We find some same hobbies to do. We talk more topic everyday.Even generation gap still exist in our communication. Even he still is a stubborn man. He is the one that I admire the most person. Thank you!!

    Presentation about 4mins.

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    Re: Please help me to correct this essay for presentation!!! important

    Sorry Jefflu, we can't help with homework or assignments.

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