In the upcoming months I would like to apply to a few universities in The Netherlands together with my boyfriend and would really appreciate your input on the letters we created so far. Thanks in advance!

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am interested to apply for a Masterís Degree Program in {the program} at {the university} starting in September 2014. I strongly believe that my educational background, working experience, personal skills and my motivationmake me a very good candidate for this program.

I graduated in January 2012, from Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary and hold a Bachelorís Degree in Business Administration. I am confident that the years studying at a highly recognized academic institution gave me a solid knowledge about the basic business processes on which I can build in the course of my future studies. By the end of the second semester 2014, I am going to receive a Masterís Degree in Marketing from Budapest Business School, Hungary. My decision of changing schools was a carefully considered as I thought my theoretical knowledge would benefit greatly from more practical insights into the business world. Proving my point in the last two years I had several practical cases to solve in the frame of the education. One of the most interesting was based on Budapestís current strengths and possibilities, we had to create the city image and communication campaign while supervised by Professor Můnika Fodor. During the years of studying business I became certain that I want to develop my knowledge in a business field which combines both creativity, communication and public relations.
Studying in Lille, France as an erasmus student at Universitť Catholique de Lille gave me the chance to experience living in a different culture, meet interesting people with different cultural background and also improve my language and communication skills.

After finishing my studies abroad I continued to work at the pharmaceutical company Ė MSD Pharma Hungary Kft. - where I worked before as a marketer. Working here I had the chance to get a thorough insight into the operations of an international company, and to develop my professional skills in a strongly multicultural environment. During my employment here I had the chance to participate in the planning of media campaigns and in the execution. Being involved in important projects as creating and maintaining a team site for the East-European Region taught me the importance of initiative and responsibility, and determination for successful completion of a project.

In the future I see myself as an expert in public relations at a company such as Johnson & Johnson, which was able preserve its values through more than 70 years, by insisting on the same corporate principle in every challenging situation and could still stay successful and recognized; or having my own international marketing agency aimed at companies who would like to start operations abroad. I would like to learn everything what can give me the ability of creating a competitive, growing and responsible company and also help me become a recognized expert in the field later on. Having the chance to participate in the high-level education that you offer would expand my knowledge and give me a great advantage in the labour market. I can only imagine myself working and living in a dynamic and inspiring environment with people from different cultures, with different perspectives and ideas to which I would bring my contribution. That is why my choice fell on Amsterdam, and your prestigious and international university.

The reason why I wish to participate in your program is that apart from my current studies which focused around international marketing and strategy courses I was always highly interested in corporate branding and public relations which I did not have the chance to thoroughly study so far. I am convinced that my personal skills, my creativity, communication and analytical skills and continuous desire for progress will be of great support to my corporate communication studies. I am sure that the program you are offering will contribute to my professional development in the future and that it will be a great environment where I can bring my ideas and use them for good results of the groups I will be a member of.
My firm belief is that by studying at your highly recognized university, in the international, creative and open-minded environment that it provides I will be able to develop my existing skills, and develop new ones which will help me achieve my future plans.Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully,