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Thread: any difference?

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    any difference?


    I would like to know if the red part has any different meaning from the blue part. Both seem to me equal. Am I right? Is there any different?
    In both cases the owner will not pay for the costs caused by delays. Am I right?

    If the contractor is behind due either to his or his subís poor performance, the owner may agree to extend the construction
    time, but only with the agreement that he will not be subject to additional general conditions expenses.
    If the owner cannot extend the
    schedule without suffering damages, he may require the contractor to recoup the lost time at his own expense through overtime work
    or increased staffing.


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    Re: any difference?

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    I wouldn't say so. The red highlighted statement details what will happen if the contractor falls behind but the owner can still extend the contract without suffering any damages. The blue-highlighted statement tells you what will happen if the owner cannot extend the contract without incurring losses.

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