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    About the meaning of the word "respect"

    I got an assignment in my work place. Basically it is a setup in database tables. There are two tables: Stations and Facility. In both tables we have the same field "MessagingEnabled". Now the question is they are in different levels. One facility contains many stations. One setup will override the other one.
    I am not quite my understanding the order correctly. The statement is:
     The Stations.MessagingEnabled values of 1 or NULL should respect facility setting. A value of 0 will turn it off. Facility.MessagingEnabled values of 0 or NULL will turn off messaging, value of 1 will turn it on.
    Does it mean if Facility.MessagingEnabled is set off, all Stations.MessagingEnabled are off even they are 1?

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    Re: About the meaning of the word "respect"

    Consider "respect" to be "obey" or "follow." You can change the individual stations' settings. But if you change the settings for the facility, then all of the settings for the stations in that facility will also change.

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