My name is Maria, I'm Portuguese and I would appreciate a lot if you could review my motivational letter. I would also acept new suggestion.

Dear Professor XXX,
I hold a MSc degree in Biotechnology from the XXX( Lisbon, Portugal) and I would like to apply for the pHD position on XXX at Trinity College of Dublin. After completing the X phD program, I plan to work in the frontier between the scientific research and its clinical application, making science in the service of health. This program would provide me the rare opportunity to learn a broad range of different techniques. Moreover, and the research experience in this specific position would build up a solid foundation for my life-long research career.
My academic curriculum provided me a solid knowledge of the different theoretical subjects implied in the research project, and the capacity to integrate different disciplines. From practical experience, and study, I have a strong foundation in molecular biology and biochemistry. During my master thesis I have done the first steps in the microbial production of two organic acids. Additionally, I have done a genome-wide screening (around 6000 genes) to understand the effect of these two acids in the metabolism of the producing cells. The amount of work that I performed during my master thesis was higher than the average between my colleagues in the same stage. As a result from my work were opened up several line of research that are currently being pursued. There are also being prepared two articles for publication on international journals.
I decided to pursue my career with a phD in a foreign country, in order to acquire a high-level international profile. Therefore, to be part of this doctoral program would be a precious opportunity for me.
Given my record of solid academic achievement and strong interest in your research project, I certain that, if given the opportunity, Iím confident that my background, skills and motivation would be an effective match for the this project and I will provide new valuable contribution to your research team.
Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to your favorable reply.