Kindly check my essay for TOEFL writing question 2. Please tell me the approximate score if you can.

I am a pet lover. I have a puppy called Sona. I have never thought that Sona is out of my family. I think pet should be treated as family member.
First reason is I think any pet may be dog, cat, bird is the creation of God. People used to keep pet in their home when they love them. I do not think a person who does not like pet, will keep pet in his or her house. So if you bring any pet to your house it is your responsibility to take care of it. If you donít like it or donít love it as your family member then it is really meaning less to keep pet in house. For example, I can remember the day when my mom has brought Sona to our home. I felt so happy that day. If me or my family members donít love pet the it would be illogical to keep pet.
Second reason, when anyone keeps any pet in their house it acts like your family members only. Only heartless people can ignore it. Otherwise everyone feels in love with it.
For example, when I used to come back from my office my cute Sona is the first one who will jump over me and sit on my lap. It helps to get the stress out of my life.
Third reason, any pet is a living thing. It has life. So if we donít take care of it, if we donít love it, it shows how cruel we are. Itís our duty to take care of our pets, to love them as family members.
Fourth reason, sometimes pet becomes your most faithful friend with whom you can share everything because pet is a good listener. It will not give you any reply.
For example, I remember one day I was very upset with one of my friends. I was feeling very low that day. But when I spoke to Sona about my feelings, I felt really light and relaxed.
Fifth reason, Some pets specially dogs are very helpful friend of their masters. The can do anything to save their masters from danger. I think more than a family member they are useful sometimes.
For these reasons I think pet should be treated like a family member. It should get all your attention, love and care.