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    will and will be

    What the difference between 'it will cancel' and 'it will be cancelled'?

    By the way, what is 'cheetos' means?


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    Re: will and will be

    no real difference...stative verbs (will be cancelled) are a form of intransitive verbs (will cancel)
    i'm pretty sure they're interchangeable
    although this is not very'd only use it when taking about a self-cancelling subscription or something...

    and cheetos are a delicious cheesy snack puff ball food thing.

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    Re: will and will be

    okay..hahaxx...thanks a lot

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    Re: will and will be

    "It will cancel" is an active sentence. "It" is the subject, the thing which is doing the cancelling.

    "It will be cancelled" is passive. "It" is the grammatical subject, but it doesn't do anything. Some thing or person unnamed is doing the cancelling.

    So the first sentence means that it (whatever "it" is) will cancel something (probably itself), while the second sentence means that someone or something will cancel it (whatever "it" is).

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    Re: will and will be

    thanks a lot>>Rewboss


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