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    Red face Are these sentences correct.


    I'm creating a diary for my little one, and I'd like all children in his class to leave a post in it, can you please check if this is correct wording as an opening for the diary. We're due to leave the UK in the summer and go back to our home country, we've therefore felt it would be a good idea to create a diary for our little one, as he's leaving his current friends for good... Anyway, please see below :)

    Dear friends, I'm inviting you to leave your trace in my diary, be it a drawing, words, a photograph or whatever you'd like it to be.
    May good God bless all of those I've had chance to cross our paths with.
    Please correct or suggest better phrases :)

    Thank you in advance


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    Re: Are these sentences correct.

    'Please leave something in my diary for me to remember you by — perhaps a drawing, a few words, a photograph or anything else.

    God bless all the new friends I've met here.'

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