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    if as [adjective] as

    Please help me with this.
    Are there any particular rules for usage of "if as [adjective] as"?
    For example, please see the following sentence.
    If as fearful as George and Paul ... and, with sounder reason, Yoko ... of a copycat killing, Ringo Starr made a grand gesture on his late colleague's behalf by catching an immediate flight to New York to offer condolences, even if he was heard to murmur "It was her who started all this".
    Is it just something is omitted, like "If (it is considered that he was) as fearful as..."?

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    Re: if as [adjective] as

    It's like 'Though he was as fearful' with a small element of doubt.

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    Re: if as [adjective] as

    Thank you!

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