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    Place out of ?what is the meaning ?

    Hello Teachers,
    I need some help on the Bold context.
    I am confused about the phrase 'place out of ' and the role of them in the following sentence.
    Is Place out of is the phrase or place is verb and out of is preposition or adverb ?

    "W: But I already studied Spanish in high school.
    M: Oh. How many Spanish classes did you take?
    W: I took four years of high school Spanish courses.
    M: In that case, you may not need to take two semesters here.
    W: Really?
    M: You can take a placement test. If you get a high test score, you
    can place out of the first semester of Spanish
    . You will only need
    to take one semester. "

    It is extremely kind of you to give me the reference from the below dictionaries , I couldn't find any appropriate matching for" the Verb :place and Adverb: out of"

    Thanks in advanced.
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    Re: Place out of ?what is the meaning ?

    You are trying to figure out the meaning by looking at which word means. That won't work here. "To place out" has to be taken as a whole. It is not all that common, but in the US it means to be exempt from a requirement in a school. If, for example, I have spoken Spanish for years, I could take a test in Spanish. If I scored high enough I would not have to take any Spanish classes.

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    Re: Place out of ?what is the meaning ?

    Or would be placed into the second year/semester Spanish class instead of the first.

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