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    Whenever I feed my son, I sometimes insist on him having some more. Is it correct to say "Have another bite/mouthful?". I'm not sure what word to use in order to describe a teaspoon of food.
    Is "bite" only used for food such as apples, bananas, etc. (for which a spoon is not needed)?
    Thank you!

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    Re: bite/mouthful

    No, it's used to mean "the amount of food you'd eat with one bite/one forkful/one spoonful/etc."

    If you're at a restaurant and think your dish is delicious, you may ask your dining partner "Would you like a bite?"

    (From a parenting point of view, my advice is to not insist that your child eat past the point at which he is full. You'll be teaching him that he's not a good judge of when he's had enough and encourage over-eating when he's older. Unless it's his broccoli. There is always room for one more bite of broccoli.)
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