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    just a check, thanks

    helllo everyone, hope everybody is great. can someone check if this is alright,

    Since its founding in 2000, Latinatelcom, spreads “key” information of the Latin America and the Caribbean telecommunications market. Latinatelcom is an independently owned company made up by a team of analysts and journalists specialized in the region. Due to its Latin American origin and its high-grade of specialization, Latinatelcom keeps a close eye of the market through dependable and verifiable sources like no other media chain.
    Latinatelcom contributes information, analysis and statistics to learn and comprehend the great telecommunications strategy lines, its technology and all the subjects that make up the Information Society; covering all of the Latin American and Caribbean markets, it is edited in two models, Spanish and English.

    thank you very much

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    Re: just a check, thanks

    spreads- has spread
    made up by- made up of
    high-grade- high level??
    strategy lines- I'd say strategies
    its technology- their (lines or strategies)
    edited in two models- produced in two languages

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    Re: just a check, thanks


    Thanks you a lot. I can`t explain how much I appreciate this.


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