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    Red face Read my text and estimate it

    Hello! My name is Morris. I am from Ukraine and i tarted learn English. I haven't interlocutors and for practice forming sentences I write a story.

    Can you read first part and estimate it (estimate grammar, I am not writer)?



    13 February, 2014
    Hello! My name is Nick, but in next I will use short form –“N”. Nice to meet you.
    I haven’t written any diary and I don’t know how these do correctly. I will learn it and practice.
    To start I want write about myself. I am 21, live in Odessa. I am student, study in the Polytechical University on 4 course. I will be radiotrician.
    I haven’t hobbies, I haven’t friends, may be, I haven’t life.
    On this sad note I want finish my first diary’s note.

    15 February, 2014
    Bad, very-very bad! I don’t know what write in this diary. My life is very boring. Today I went on the beach. I very like sea, very! It can charm me to the depth of my soul. I was seat to big stone in Otrada and was sawing in the blue distance, it was magically. It was one and only event in this day.

    16 February, 2014
    Diary! Yesterday I was wrote you about my boring life, today I met interesting girl. She’s name is Marina, she is 19. She has black hair, dark blue eyes, small straight nose, big red lips and cute cheeks. She is not tall, but it is cool.
    She told me about her hobbies: she has it very many and it are different and interesting. But about it I will write sometime later.
    How did we met? As usual, I walked along the beach and thought about last read book – “Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski”. I didn’t notice her and she tripped over. He was lying on the sand with her boyfriend, he was lying near her, but little farther. He sprang to his feet and ran to me with a cry: “What are you doing, idiot? I will kill you now!”. I turned the look to him and said slowly: “I don’t want spar with you, because known who will be winner. I apologize to the girl for my inattentiveness.” Boy stopped, may be, my words brought him to confusion. He said: “OK, you can live! And now you must gone from here!”. His demeanor riled me! I answer to him: “When I want to, then I go out from you!”. My hands clenched into fists, boy’s hands did the same.
    -Boys! What are you doing?! Stop it! NOW! – Girl cries. It looked very funny: she is low, but very angry. - What do you pose as roosters? Hello! My name is Marina, and his is Sasha. I excuse you and ask you to forgive my gentleman. And what is your name? – She turned to me and saw in my eyes.
    -Nick! Nice to meet you, - I gave she a hand, she answered. – And you, - and I gave a hand to Sasha. He didn’t answer, turned away from me, took girl’s hand and pulled her for himself.
    They left... I stood and overcame them following. Few times the girl turned back. Then I continued my way.

    She crept up behind. I was sitting on the pier. Claps on the shoulders and sharp “Boo!’ brought me out from through. She told me that little had quarreled with her boyfriend because me and went to beach (it is her favorite place) and saw me. She decided to scare me.
    But, I didn’t want converse with this girl and suggested going to the park, where I escaped from her to taxi. May be, this was my big error....
    While we were going to park, she was tolding me about herself. She is cool! She likes read books, falls into extremely adventures and many other things! I have never seen a multiple personalities.
    Now, I understand: I am stupid! I didn’t take her number of telephone or other contact! What to do? I don’t know.

    18 February, 2014
    Hah. My life is boring and I don’t know what do with it. I don’t know what write in this diary.
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