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    Please hekp me with the test I am taking from home!

    I need some help with grammar, mostly commas! Really just 2 sentences I need help with if you would please be so kind:

    The rest of the review of systems, also reveals some crying spells. I think this :is incorrect.
    The patient reports that her pain is worse when she goes without her splints at work and also when she puts weight on her right hand. Would a comma be appropriate after work and before also?

    Abbreviations should be spelled out sometimes, Correct?

    What kind of study would this be referring too? "no mass, midline shift, or bleed is noted. The ventricles and sulci are withn normal limits. Incidentally noted is increased signal in the ethmoid air cells."

    MRI of the head or carotid Doppler study. I think it's MRI.

    I am supposed to find a misspelled word in this sentence: There is increased echoginicity of the lower lobe of the liver. I can find nothing that compares with the word echoginicity except echogenic. Maybe it is correct.

    I would so appreciate any help you can give me with this. I don't think there is much hope for me when I get the transcribing part of the test, but I am going to give it my best. They said it is okay to use any resources I can find.

    Thank you so much. A few years back I passed this test with flying colors and then didn't do so hot this last April!!!

    Penny Rae

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    Re: Please hekp me with the test I am taking from home!

    Welcome to the forum, Penny.

    We like to help when we can, but we can't help with a test. You are being tested on what you can do, not on what we can do.

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