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Last summer, our family went to Penghu, also known as Pescadores, an archipelago off the western coast of Taiwan. It is an amazing place, where it is famous for its beautiful scenery. First, we had a frolic at the beach which is the clearest and cleanest that I have ever seen. The views along the shore is wonderful. Fishing boats were coming and going on the blue waves. It was a nice day, and the sea looked calm and smooth. So, we went scuba-diving to explore the undersea wonder. Next, we took a scooter-riding to go around the island. We visited some traditional houses and temples which are rich in the beauty of regionalism. In the evening, we walked along the coastal area. The setting sun kindled the sky, and the sunset glow is very beautiful. At night, lots of stars twinkled in the sky. Finally, we went for a sail at the sea by starry night. Viewed from the yacht, the nightscape at the sea was indeed a spectacle. The scenery is strongly impressed on my memory. I hope I can visit there again.