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    Post If racism and xenophobia are attitude that we are taught, not born with, then........

    If racism and xenophobia are attitude that we are taught, not born with, then the problems that come from them can be resolved.
    Discuss this view and give your own opinion.


    To discuss racism is always debatable issue. In many countries racism and xenophobia are buried in deep valley, although it is still in existence in some undeveloped countries or even sometimes appear in developed or developing countries in the form of hate crime. Despite the variety and ambiguity here I would discuss this view and give my opinion afterwards.
    To begin with, racism and xenophobia are social diseases and once it burst out it spread like epidemic. Any child does not born with the thought of racism, but it is taught either by family members or by society. Moreover, once racism flourish in one’s mind he or she suffer from xenophobia. In some tribal area, for an illustration, some people of two different casts have contempt for each other that sometimes resulted in riot and homicide. In addition, the feeling of revenge infuriate the anger of people who belong to suffering cast or society.
    Generally, this phenomenon take birth due to contempt toward other cast or society, or sometimes people of one race believe they are superior than people of different races. For an example, in past white skined people hate black people. However, this all attitudes as mentioned above are not genetically inherited in child, that means it is taught.
    To sum up, according to me, if racism and xenophobia are taught, then the problems that come from them can be resolved too. If everyone try to understand born is not of our choice otherwise every child has aspire to take birth in the thorough-breed family. The best way to remove both from society is raise voice against them those gives stimulation rather tolerate racism; the best example is Nelson Mandela who opposed racism, and get tremendous success in Africa.

    Please check the essay and comment on it and how much band may I get in IELTS for this essay. Please reply me as soon as possible I am going to appear for exam on 5th April 2014
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