Study abroad internationally is acknowledged as a very important experience for undergraduate students, especially if it comes to Berkeley University.
Furthermore, I am senior student at LAU and I just heard about the summer program at Berkley University in California. I greatly appreciate our policies in LAU but, I kindly ask you to break the rule of spending the last 30 credits at LAU, making it possible for me to explore this opportunity and spend my last 7 credits (1 free elective course, 3 credits for English literature, and 3 credits for senior study) in California if I have the chance.

In addition, applying for a good job in Lebanon requires a unique and valuable CV, and the only way to differentiate between same graduate students degree is by their character wise and their extra political activities.

I believe this opportunity will definitely magnifies my communicational skills, public speaking, independence, and maturity, and it is counted as an added value to my personal C.V. that making it more possible for the job recruitment process In Lebanon.

I am extremely interested in this exposure and I am anxious to apply for it. I will be more than grateful if you open the door for me, because I am willing and able to upgrade and improve my skills during my last year in LAU. I kindly ask you, will there be an exception and have the chance to study abroad this summer? Please take my case into consideration. Thank you in advance for your attention to my request. I look forward to receiving your response.

Regards Sara Fleifel