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I need some help from your guys to update my resume, mainly the experience and project part. Here's part of my resume:

Lab assistant Shangxi Provincial People’s HospitaL, Datong, China June to august, 2013
•Cultivated bacterium and cell for the experiments
•Maintained the records and performed behavior analysis to evaluate proliferative potentials of certain bacterium and cells in different environment •Ensured that the laboratory instruments are undertaken properly maintenance and calibration


Robot Design Project
•Designed autonomous robot to simulate detection and disposal of nuclear waste •Programed robot to move in response to ultrasonic, touch and light sensors
•Collaborated with team of three to resolve problems with sensor detection and response •Evaluated robot performance in timed competitions
IOS Mobile Application Development Project
•Conceived the idea of Time Difference Calculator •Co-developed and debugged the application via Xcode with my teammates
•Designed the icon for the application

Please check the grammar and give me some advice. Thanks a [email protected][email protected]