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    "Plural" one of the spotlights

    Dear teachers

    I want to use the phrase "one of the spotlights", but it seems that "elections and potlics" are plurals, so is it appropriate to use "one"?

    Elections and politics will be one of the spotlights in Asia.

    Please advise



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    Re: "Plural" one of the spotlights

    I am not a teacher.
    I don't believe you can use spotlight in this situation. Rather highlight.
    Also "one of the spotlights" is wrong. I would use "Elections and politics will be some of the highlights in Asia." The meaning is there are even more highlights in Asia besides elections and politics. Furthermore I would not use Elections and politics together like this - "politics" is a rather broad term and kind of contains the word "elections" as well. The sentence you provided regards "politics" as an event, which it is not. What particularly do you mean by the word politics?

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    Re: "Plural" one of the spotlights

    Do you mean in the spotlight?

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