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    Listening to BBC


    I cannot figure out some words while listening to a clip of a five-minute news program from BBC.
    Could someone please be kind enough to help me by filling out a blank of the last paragraph which I wrote down after listening to the above-mentioned audio clip?

    Thanks in advance.

    Below is the URL of the related audio clip of 5 minute, MP3, 1130KB

    With the permanent ceasefire declared by the Basque separatist group Eta come into fore, the Spanish government has demanded proof that the organization has abandoned violence.
    The spokesman for the prime minister said Eta must give clear signals of an end to its use of force before any talks could begin. Eta has been fighting for an independent state in northern Spain and part of South-western France for the past 40 years. Jim Fish reports from the Basque city of San Sebastian.

    Along San Sebastian's fashionable promenade which curves around a broad sandy bay, families and couples (2'10")__________ casually as if the region's blood stained past were already distant history.
    Their feelings though are anything but casual; above all else they hoped that the Eta ceasefire really will bring peace. It's a great thing, said one middle-aged man, but it will be a long process and it will be difficult. Others are even more sceptical and openly distrustful that Eta will keep their word after so many broken ceasefires.

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    Re: Listening to BBC


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    Re: Listening to BBC

    Thank you, tdol, very much for your full answer.

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