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    Re: Natives often don't understand me

    Quote Originally Posted by Vibovit

    I even began to think of it as a kind of malicious act - I mean, just to show disapproval of my foreign accent (or perhaps they are less used to foreign accents, especially as I live in a rather small town now).
    It's possible, but there could be other more innocent explanations. Firstly, some central and east European speakers are difficult to British ears and secondly in a small town, they may well have had less exposure to foreign accents and are, therefore, less used to listening- in London, you hear so many accents that people are usually more used to listening to different pronunciations. Do you move your hands much when talking? Animated body language can often help.

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    Re: Natives often don't understand me

    Hi Vibovit

    it's not a big problem when you make mistakes in grammar , pronunciation , reading , writing , and even speaking English

    it's normal to do this kind of mistakes because you are not English

    don't worry about it , you need more English practise

    that's it i think

    i hope the best for you

    thank you
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