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    Application / CV (Usual & Email)

    I'm interested in the following topic: Writing an application incl. CV etc.
    What should be in it?
    Did companies or agencies, 'cause I'm a media designer, accept applications / CV via email.
    Could anyone give me some links to get some more advice about writing applications and CVs or do you have some here?
    And the other thing is to know whether companies accept those applications which include also the request to do that work for that company from my own home, I could not leave Germany and so it would be better. Should I write it in the application or where? Is it a must to make a conversation in the company or did some of them accept someone without meeting the person ?
    Thanks in advance,
    PS: I f you find some failures please tell them I need to improve my English.

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    Re: Application / CV (Usual & Email)

    You can submit when things haven't been advertised- write and sexpress your interest. Policy on whether things can be done over the net or not will vary from place to place. Include your experience and qualifications, which are the most important. For tips, try here:

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