Kindly modify this memo in a professional way with high quality standard since we need to submit to MD&CEO please,

Approval of Capital Improvements in DCC- Buildings

The developement of distribution operational effectiveness at DCC buildings is an important approach to enhancing D(Power) Divisional perspectives also focuses on different key areas that are the roadmap to an effective, flexible and proactively responsive distribution operation. To achieve all, your kind support is esteemed.

The DCC Buildings having fully fledged existing facilities like, SCADA control ,DTS room ,UPS, Generators control, state of art, command room, Gallery area, Library, GYM with facility Room (Relaxation areas with Beds compatible),wash rooms (Ladies & Gents) and EVP,VP,SM,Managers & staff offices. However in some reasons due to past 2 to 3 years unapproved manpower as a obstacle some areas in the buildings is still shown as empty which are going to effect an impact for better utilization and divergence from the scope of making optimum utilization of the building facility.

We would like to have the following strategies support good indoor environmental quality that can positively influence task performance and attention spans:

1) The facilities zone to be fully arranged as per earlier plan which also requires some additional equipment to keep our staff healthy recreations like Table tennis sets, Billiard Tables sets etc., with adequate showering facility at wash rooms.
2) Training hall at DCC needs to be equipped and also as per modified configuration which helps to promote a welcoming and efficient training environment.
3) The Existing Wash room facility design to be modified (Lack of shower facility) after the close study it requires to be modified as per suggested plans.
S.No. Areas(GHUSAIS & WARSAN) Description of the Item Approximate cost in . Total cost (Approx.) in
1 Gymnasium + Relaxation Area Additional Equipments, LCD TVs & Gym Mirrors etc, 250,000 1,150,000 /-
2 Training & Auditorium Hall (Gr.Floor & II Floor) Furniture + Accessories arrangements (Budgeted in 2014) 450,000
3 Washroom + Pantry Facility Provision of Shower facility & with design modification 450,000
Since we believe in good business, the kind that helps our community and our environment, and inspires the staffs, high productive response, image of organization your kind permission is requested.
The above vital modifications may kindly be incorporated before the end of the year 2015.

Submitted for your kind perusal and approval please.