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    Question What free accent reduction methods do you know?

    I know these methods:
    Idahosa Ness' The Mimic Method
    Laurence Hilton's Reverse Accent Mimicry
    I don't know about any others.
    Can you recommend something?
    Oh, by the way. The method should be target language independent.
    P. S. About me. I am an Ukrainian dreaming of being a polyglot (in Benny Lewis's steps).
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    Re: What free accent reduction methods do you know?

    Hi Roman Shinkarenko,

    I believe that whatever methods you see, reducing an accent has to start with the basics.

    These include: Pronunciation + Word Stress + Intonation + Rhythm.

    They are the foundation of an accent, or any accents, from I've known (please tell me if I miss out something)

    The methods that you've mentioned are simply ways to learn these specific components of accent in different manners.

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