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    quick money sharing

    What kind of game is this "quick money sharing game"?

    40)Why did the proverbial Good Samaritan cross the road
    for the injured stranger? Perhaps he listened to his heart.
    Not in the poetic sense, but literally. A new study has
    highlighted the way cardiac feedback influences people’s
    decisions. Eightysix
    undergraduates were asked to read a
    recruitment letter seeking volunteers while they
    test-drove some heartrecording
    equipment. Forty percent
    of them who heard their heart beating fast agreed to
    volunteer their time, as compared with 17 percent who
    heard their heart beating at a normal speed. In the
    second study, participants playing in a quick
    simply had to decide whether to
    instruct their partner to pick Option A (more profitable
    for the participant him or herself) or Option B (more
    profitable for the partner).

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    Re: quick money sharing

    It is an experiment, probably in the field of behavioural economics, game theory or psychology. The experimental subject has a very short time to choose between A and B, and the flow of money from one person to another varies with his or her choice. Without more context, we do not know what question is being investigated.

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