I've been struggling for some years with a mediocre level of English, and I do speak English every day, it's just that I'm using more my intuition and my bad habits rather than the grammar rules and the fancy vocabulary (that only sometimes comes fluently).

How shall I approach reaching a better level of English?
I think that I need a private tutor that could identify my mistakes and actively correct them, because all my interlocutors even the native English ones they do not stop and say, hey jimmy you've made a mistake here, you should have said this instead of that.

I've tried reading grammar (Murphy's applied grammar) and it's working, but two days after I would forget the rules and go back to my old habits...

I call it Hollywood English, meaning you learn it from movies.

I'm ready to invest some money and time in it.

Do you have any ideas on how to approach it? is it with a private teacher(one to one(more expensive but more efficient), or in a group(less efficient but also cheaper)?? is it study more grammar? or maybe some website with varied exercises, that would combine in one exercise several grammar rules, but not the classical approach here is the grammar rule, here are the exercises, to make you think a bit beyond what's obvious.

I was thinking that I could find some English teacher/ tutor even over the internet, with so many countries having English as native language, or do you think lessons over Skype won't work?

I also have a slight preference for American English, as I was saying Hollywood English....

Any help would be appreciated....

If this is not the place to ask such questions could a moderator move it to the right section of the forum. Thank you

I have a feeling that I'm not the first one experiencing these kind of difficulties.

Many thanks