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  1. Hayatkhan

    its my first post

    Hi every body
    i m HayatKhan M.Sc Computer Sc . i have joined this group to improve my englisl skills.Hope u people will help me.

    I dont know where to start from or what should be my first step in this regar.
    Plz help me .

    thankx to u.

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    Re: its my first post

    Welcome, HayatKhan. We'll be happy to help- what difficulties are you having?

  3. Hayatkhan

    Re: its my first post

    Well Thanks for such a warm welcome.

    Dear my problem is that i want to fellow a complete and stepwise study plan to improve my english and specially my wrinting skills . I tried to find some but fail.Will u please help me in identifing a study plan to improving my english.

    just like for the first week what should i do.
    Where to start from.


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