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    Please coorect me if wrong. Note : my grammar is bad.

    Agung : Hi,Mad...what are you doing?
    Ahmad : Oh, Agung. I am just making essay and powerpoint presentation for our English assignment.
    Agung : Heeh??? I donít know about that.
    Ahmad : You was absent when Mrs. Wid gaves this assignment. This assignment is a group task. Each group 2-3 students*. You can join my group if you want.
    Agung :Really?Thanks. by the way,what is the topic about?
    Ahmad : The topic is about global warming. We must finished this essay before next Saturday.Do you know global warming?
    Agung : warming, right? Global warming happened because greenhouse effects, air polution by CO2, illegal logging and much more. Now, the matter is how to reduce global warming.
    Ahmad : Hmm... I think we must do prohibition to use the vehicles. It will reduce air pollution if we do it.
    Agung : Umm... I am not sure. Your idea is to excessive. It is impossible. Any other idea?
    Ahmad : You are right. How about stop factory activities that damage the rivers for a while?
    Agung : I donít agree. I think we must do reboisation along way. We must cooperate with many people.
    Ahmad : Ah! Thatís right! I know what you mean.
    Agung : Ok. Now we has finished material for essay. Then, how to make the powerpoint presentation? I donít have any idea.
    Ahmad : I have an example about global warming presentation. We can use that as referention*.
    Agung : Thatís good. Do you bring that?
    Ahmad : No. I saves the example in my laptop. Can you come to my house after school?
    Agung : Ok. I will come to your house at 3 pm. See you.
    Ahmad : see you too.

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    Hello, Riuzen.
    Welcome to

    First, I see your title is written in capital letters.
    I'd like to suggest that you shouldn't do it, as it will be considered as the online equivalent of shouting.

    Are you a student? I think your dialogue is good though it contains some grammatical mistakes.
    (It is understandable to me, at least, except for 'reboisation'.)

    Now, I will leave it to native speakers to correct it.
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    When will you submit this dialogue to your teacher to be marked?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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