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motivation letter before 24th of march

I am xxx, Dentist by profession writing to express my sincere interest in applying for a
Master of Science in International Health (MScIH) at your university. I am currently working with xxx as Head Dentist and Administrative Head of Institute in xxxx since February 2012. My studies in the Public and Community Health, a Third year subject of my bachelor studies, involved learning about interdisciplinary perspective of health and well-being drawn from a variety of academic areas, including epidemiology, health promotion, health management and policy which are important subfields of International health. Among these areas of study, my uttermost interest in Health management & policy and Health Promotion, has attracted me into pursuing in the field of International Public Health. After practicing dentistry for almost five years including working toward various health promotion projects in slums of Mumbai, I came to a realization that in order to make changes in human health, we must focus on prevention of health-related problems instead of simply treating them. For this reason, I definitely foresee my future career being as a leader in public health field meeting many exciting challenges in protecting the public's health today and in the future. With MScIH, I hope to become an International public health planner and manager who take an active role in building healthy and supportive communities by developing multidisciplinary and collaborative strategies for solving health-related problems. I see myself collaborating with an international global community of health professionals who have the same vision and passion in preventing illness and maintaining health within the population. This Master’s would provide me a deeper knowledge and research training in important subjects within the fields related to international health and My long term professional goal is to work with recognized international bodies like the UN, WHO, UNDP and various international NGO like OXFAM , CARE INTERNATIONAL, ICRC etc and use their platform to spread global awareness about healthcare. The MScIH program will allow me to develop leadership and research skills I need in order to advocate for changes in public and international health. I have related work experiences that entail active collaboration with different public health divisions and health professionals and implementing health promotion programs in city of Mumbai. I have previous experiences collaborating with partners such as hospital administrators, Public Health Officials and Health Managers in providing innovative projects involving Health promotion. So far I have successfully completed 7 healthcare programs in last five years in association with Indian Government and various public and private healthcare organizations. I am also associated with various NGOs and non-profit organizations that work for bringing a positive change in the lives of poor and financially weaker section of the society. Enrolling in MScIH program will provide me with the best possible work and study conditions that will allow me to achieve the credentials I need to be competitive in the public health workforce. One of the strongest features of MScIH program is that it offers basic and advanced schemes of study involving knowledge, skills and techniques which can variously be applied to different public health issues and in the context of health services agencies or health & environmental organizations in the public or private sector, in developed or developing countries providing opportunities for me to gain relevant practical experience in health care settings. This will allow me to utilize my academic abilities along with my passion for the field and consequently help me to become an advocate for change. Another motivating factor is its establishment within TropEd Network which will allow me to choose various courses and research subjects and study them in different TropEd partner institute around world and thus giving me good opportunity to know & meet various professor and student. It will also allow me to live and experience diverse culture of that country.

Sincerely, xxxx