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    such a pitch

    A centipede was happy – quite!
    Until a toad in fun
    Said, "Pray, which leg moves after which?"
    This raised her doubts to such a pitch,
    She fell exhausted in the ditch
    Not knowing how to run.'s_Dilemma
    What does such a pitch mean?
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    I need native speakers' help.

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    Before we answer your question, please click on the Edit Post button on your post and made changes to the spacing around the words and the punctuation. Remember:

    - Always put a space after a full stop, comma, question mark or exclamation mark.
    - Do not capitalise the first word after a comma unless that word is a proper noun.

    Also, please quote your source. Your excerpt sounds as if it has been taken from something written by someone else.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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    rise to/reach a pitch:

    Excitement and enthusiasm rose to fever pitch (=reached a high level).
    The fighting between the supporters of the two groups reached a new pitch.
    Thesaurus entry for this meaning of pitch

    a level of development

    high pitch:
    Expertise in these techniques was already at a high pitch.

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