1)The mass media has/have a great influence on shaping people’s views and concepts. Do you agree to the statement? Substantiate your view with examples.
The contemporary world has witnessed magnitude development in technology and sciences, including mass media. Under these circumstances, they are mostly the source of first information to the public. In my opinion, the thinking of modern society is definitely influenced by television and news papers. This can be very well explained with examples we see in our day to day life.

To begin with, every home today has a TV which broadcasts various programs including commercial. The advertisements shown are mainly meant to shape the way people think about their products. Even substandard items are made to look attractive with the help of graphics and are sold effectively. For example, quality is a big question when goods are purchased through teleshopping.

Furthermore, news published as well as aired brings current affairs throughout the world to the locals. However, the information provided cannot be completely trusted because of possible variations in the process. This finally affects the outlook of individuals on various issues. For instance, in recent war in Srilanka, LTTE were shown as terrorist, hiding the mass murder by Rajapakshe.

Finally, media is a part of our daily life. They not only inform but also educate us on various social issues. Hence it would be appropriate to conclude that they have and will continue to have significant impact on the views and morals of a common man as well as aristocrats.


Globalization and fashion technology has had a major impact on culture as well as lifestyle of people in our present world. One important change it has caused is on the way people look. More people today particularly youngsters are constantly trying to change the way they look by trying various cosmetics, ornaments and to the extreme surgery as well, mainly to impress other people. I firmly believe, they definitely have the rights to live their lives. However, they should also be aware of the detrimental effects on themselves as well as people around them.

Firstly, the current world is highly competitive; people are graded by the way they appear, right from school to business meetings. In such a scenario, success can be easily endured by impressing others with a smart look. In addition, a blissful appearance will definitely boost up the self confidence as well. For instance, aging football players try to look younger by injecting botulinum toxin to hide the wrinkles in their face.
Secondly, different occasions call for unique outfits and makeovers. Both men and women are made to look a lot prettier in day today life and special life events as well. This is very true in case of bridal workups during weddings, thanks to the cosmetic industry, beauty salon as well as the fashionable ornaments available these days.

On the other hand, one should not forget the ill effects of chemicals and hazardous substance used in the beauty products. Again, unwanted surgeries and body piercings will cause harmful effect such as scaring and to an extent financial constrain as well. Also, such thing may sometimes cause people to frown when done in a socially unacceptable way. For example, body piercing is considered inappropriate in various cultures.

In conclusion, there are lots of products and surgical options available today for a better appearance. However, one should carefully measure the advantages as well as their side effects. If done in a correct way it can only be beneficial and will definitely lead to personal development.