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    Prepositions under vs with respect to

    Please tell me what preposition must be used after the word "close" in the following phrase pertaining to the
    mathematical analysis:

    category is closed under morphisms


    category is closed with respect to morphisms

    or both are correct.


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    "closed under morphism" appears 700 times in Google; the other term zero times. (That's not a definitive answer).
    But I would not say "morphisms". Things are closed under a certain operation, eg. division. "Integers are not closed under division, because dividing integers can give non-integers; but they are closed under addition, subtraction and multiplication". We don't say, "Integers are not closed under divisions, etc."
    But, your field might have a different convention (in the use of "with respect to"), and it's impossible to identify your field from your example. In any case, they appear to mean the same thing.
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