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    Question Verbs + to inf. or -ing

    Dear teacher

    This is first share with you
    The first I am very happy for I present with you . I am egyptian and I try teach the english and I try developing english knowledge and skills for me and for my daughters.

    I made sheet about (Verbs + to inf. or -ing ) and I want complete it with examples and correct the wrongs .I ask you if I send this sheet for complete .

    best regards

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    Welcome to
    Maybe you should share your sheet and ask for corrections.
    For learning the rules and doing exercises, you might visit websites like this:

    It clearly explains the differences between gerund and infinitive, and provides useful exercises.
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    As donbelid said, you can share the sheet on this forum (publicly) and we will comment on what you have written so far. I'm not sure if you can attach a document to a post yet because you are new. If you find you cannot attach a document, then perhaps type some of the sentences you've written into a post and ask for our comments. We won't write/complete the whole document for you but it would be good for us to see what you are currently teaching your daughters.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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