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    Curriculum for China

    I am a conversational English teacher in China. I am looking for a curriculum that I can use to teach 8th and 10th grade students. I have about 60 students in each class and about 18 different classes (around 1,080 students.) Do you have anything that might work for me?



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    Re: Curriculum for China

    This is an enromous job. I don't see how a curriculum could be used that wasn't written specifically for the needs and desired expectations.

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    Re: Curriculum for China

    Hi Ma Hai we have the same problem I think, My students here speak indonesian all the time and very difficult to learn english. But you know, even they really hard in understanding english I try to teach with games and make them fun. they enjoy and really like it. Now some of them say they love english much and wanna continue their study abroad.

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