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    VIS a VIS

    Good Day,

    I have challenges using the word "vis a vis" in the sentence. I understand it when I indicated as follows:

    The share of the cost of luch vis a vis the income=here it is equivalent to "in relation to"

    put it differently this sentence above is quite difficult to interpret this word the same:

    The import liberation of SACU market vis a vis EAC, Ethipiopia and Egypt, should not pose substantial revenue implication.

    In this sentence , it is very difficult to explain "vis a vis" as the "in relation to"

    To me "vis a vis" in this sentence is used as "against"

    Your assistance in this regard will be highly appreciate.



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    I am not a teacher.

    In English it can mean "in relation to" or "as opposed to" or any of a number of nuanced variants of these meanings.

    It comes from the French and literally means face to face. It retains its French spelling in English and should be written vis--vis.
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