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    Cool To confirm a year/to take a training period


    My nephew needs to write a letter of application for a workplacement. I'm not sure the following part is clear and correct, can you help me please?

    "I am extremely interested in your offer as I am in my first year of study.

    To confirm (?) my year, I must take (?) a 4-6 month training period in the Physics field from July to December 2014.

    Being very keen on English and English culture, I would really like to live a real professional experience in London."

    Thank you very much for your help.

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    I am not a teacher.

    Here are a couple of suggestions.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "confirm" but it might be "validate"; "take" could be "participate in".

    This would give,
    "To validate my year, I must participate in a 4-6 month training period in the field of physics between July and December 2014."

    This point is just a question of style but, "I would really like to live a real…" doesn't sound very good. You may want to consider avoiding this sort of repetition by making a small change to "I would very much like to live a real…"

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