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    Please correct below outlined portion in propor understandable format. Need it badly

    Naresh Chilukuru has joined YCP INDIA in Aug 2011 and having extensive knowledge on one of the most popular niche technology “Ruby on Rails” Web frame work. He has been working on YCP application “MYROOT” since from 30-months. This is the only application running in Ruby on Rails technology and none of other team members are aware of this technology which stands Naresh is unique in YCP with his skills set. During process of supporting he has gained good understanding of functional and technical aspects of application. Along with regular responsibilities build up strengths in other areas like Deployment of application with unicorn and apache servers in Unix box, RSpec and cucumber testing framework, MySQL DB data refresh. He interacts closely with Clients to provide solutions for critical business problems. Couple of critical activities he involved to provide solutions to onshore
    - Active participation in application migration from Rails-2 to Rails-3
    - Assisting in all war-room activities to bring back application in normal condition with minimum downtime.
    - Sharing valuable opinions in requirement gathering/designing/coding/implementation/testing and support life cycle.
    - Attending all major weekly/daily/monthly calls including Business prioritization, OM handoff, Go no Go, Release planning, Deployment and QA calls.
    - Providing application level metrics to higher management, this helps to understand Application health status.
    - Providing root cause/work around/solution with quick turnaround for major production issues
    - Maintaining Incident SLA within range
    - Support/Assigning incidents across team members
    - Providing technical/functional KT’s for all team members when needed
    - Top on customer oriented support for issues reported.
    - Involved in critical deployments for bug fixes/enhancements/migration activities
    - Extended support with QA/DEV/BUSINESS around clock
    - Doing Major Day to day critical tasks like Application Monitoring, Report extraction, Refresh DB without miss.
    - Prepared automated scripts and shared across team members which reduces most of day to day manual work
    - Majority of activities involved through OSX but explored/setup complete support environment in Windows as well which avoid 90% dependency on OSX.

    40% effort on Major production issues/Functional Enhancements/Code break fixes (includes Problem Management)/Server Maintenance
    20% effort on discussions with customers/stake holders and Business leads to understand/provide solutions for ongoing issues.
    10% efforts on Incident management which includes spread tickets to other team members, maintain SLA standards, follow-up/extract information from team on missed deadline tasks
    10% efforts on Plan/status to migrate current manual tasks to get automate and how to stabilize servers to overcome future war-rooms
    10% efforts on knowledge sharing among team members which improves team productivity that provides scope to be best in Application/Business support.
    10% efforts on Documentation on all Technical/Functional topics and are accessible to all mates

    Provide a detailed explanation of why the applicant was chosen for this project.
    “MYROOT“ is the only project developed in Ruby on Rails technology in YCP and Naresh is having strong knowledge in this rare technology. No other team having members with Ruby on Rails skill set. He has complete functional knowledge about Application life cycle which helps MYROOT to stand as stable application across YCP. His contribution towards RAILS latest version-3 migration is exceptional. Application supports major security issues due to this migration.
    - High customer and stakeholder’s satisfaction over the employee performance from the past 30-months. Delivering critical business impact issues on time has led to all round satisfaction among the provide community using this application.
    - His contribution extended to 2-other applications “ONEDAY” and “STANDUP” which helps to support business efficiently
    - His Ability to learn day to day updates used to migrate servers into high performance web/app bundle.
    - With this migration
    o Major server fallback issues addressed
    o Holds strong security layer around the Application
    o Improved request/response performance
    - In his 30-months Application (YCP) experience gained end-to-end functional behavior that makes him to understand/provide quick responses on all kind of queries from customers
    - Proper understanding of YCP policies/procedures and SSS processes which relates Incident/Problem/Change Management.

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    Re: Please correct below outlined portion in propor understandable format. Need it ba

    And why do you "need it badly"?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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