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    Unhappy counterfeit vs. fake?

    what is the differnce between counterfeilt and fake? according to the dictinary, they have almost same meaning, but in terms of use , there seems to be some differnces and what are they?
    for example,

    1.these are coutnterfeit Levi's jeans. can i say these are fake Livi's jeans?

    2. the diamond ring is not real. it is fake. here can i say counterfeit instead of fake?

    3. the watch is so cheap. it is an fake. here can i say it is an couterfeit?
    it is very confusing. help me!!!!!!!!

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    Re: counterfeit vs. fake?

    I'd only use 'counterfeit' when there is an intention to deceive, like the Levi's. If you by a fake diamond, you normally know it's not real.

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    Re: counterfeit vs. fake?

    All counterfeits are fakes, but not all fakes are counterfeits. As tdol says, 'counterfeit' means you are trying to deceive someone, while 'fake' just means it's not the real thing, and doesn't imply anything about any intention.

    So counterfeit money is fake money which is also intended to look so much like the real thing, that people can actually use it to buy things.

    It's also possible to have fake money that is not counterfeit. Such a thing is used, for example, in the film business. Although the fake money looks on screen like the real thing, it is not intended to be used to buy things in real life and would be recognised as a fake by anyone who looked at it.

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