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After considering my aptitude and the type of work that I like to do, I am convinced that I want to pursue my further studies in the field of Film and Direction only. Since a good career demands the platform of a firm foundation of good education and practical knowledge, my immediate goal is to built a stature of myself in Film, TV & Digital Editing.

The undergraduate programme at Amity University is a well rounded programme. It not only helped me build a strong foundation of media fundamentals, but also helped in developing an overall perspective of the vast field of media.

In my final year, I developed a keen interest in the areas of photography and film making (somehow, that ‘lens’ through which one can see the world from his/her own perspective intrigues me). I even always try and substantiate my knowledge by getting indulged in more and more of practical work focus. My goal is to put myself , my opinions, experiences and emotions into a snapshot that will; with one glance show anybody who I truly am. I hope to be in an environment that would inspire and push me to strive for the best in my work; where criticism will make me to explore and push the boundaries to achieve a place in this world of direction.

Areas of Interest:
Film Making

To be more precise, I would say I have built a passion for ‘Direction’ while working all these years and practicing various skills needed during the course.

Worked as a photographer with Y S events and Adam & eve.
Worked as a crew member in NH 7 weekender.
Working as an Official Photographer for Aimtrex.
Product photography for Threesome-a designer boutique.
Also worked as a DOP in a short comedy sequence (link)
I had been associated with a ‘Wedding Film’ shooting that took place in Lucknow, Chennai and Dubai. (link)
Completed a month training with India TV

Purpose: My vocation has always been to work towards making films and direction, over these last years during my stay at Amity, I have become motivated towards pursuing a career in ‘Directing.’ I feel that this field of ‘direction’ per se allows one to absorb the world in the way you see it and the most exciting thing about it that you can always make your audience see something the way you’ve seen it.

In fact, ten years from now, I envisage myself as a full-fledged professional in the field. In order to fulfill my aim, I seek to enroll for the same at the Xavier’s. Hence, I am keen in joining the same.

I strongly believe in maintaining the ethical integrity in all my endeavors. I would like to end by saying that I am fully aware that a career in ‘Direction’ requires a high level of thinking, dedication and a lot of sacrifices. I am confident that I would meet the above demands and therefore, I appeal for my admission at the ‘Xavier’s.’ I am confident that my enthusiasm will enable me to meet your expectations.

Eagerly looking forward to be a proud part of Xavier’s.