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    Idioms are salt and pepper of any language

    Please translate this into other languages:
    Can you imagine a kitchen without salt and pepper?

    ‘Idioms are the salt and pepper of any language’, said A.Makkai, prof. of English and Linguistics, University of Illinois.

    There are thousands of idioms, proverbs and “special” words, but there are only two ways to memorize them: living in an English-speaking country or watching videos from our library.
    Don't be surprised that we provide examples not only of idioms, but also sayings and quotations of famous people, and even just exotic words. What's the point of having a discussion about what an idiom is? Our goal is to provide living examples explaining the use of 'strange' words and constructions.

    In return I can only mail you my website address where you could watch these short videos (from 5" to 10''). I would also be glad to have some suggestions that would improve my website and correct mistakes.

    Yury Lirmak
    email address deleted.

    Don't translate into Russian please.
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    Re: Idioms are salt and pepper of any language

    We do not provide a private translation service, Lirmak. We answer questions about English.

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