Hello everyone, I'm new in this forum ... I'm Enrica and I need to write a cover letter for an internship abroad ... I'm not good at English, and I really need a helping hand ... you'd be so kind as to help me to correct my letter? I realize that I do not know how to make good use of the English language, so I ask forgiveness :) thank you!

I’m writing in response to the notice "Leonardo da Vinci LB2" of the city of Olbia about the carrying out of a training on social tourism. My main objective is to follow through with my desire to work in the field of international relations. In order to achieve this goal it is important for me to do this working experience in a foreign company where I could acquire good development practices (as social turism). I would like to bring to your attention of my curriculum vitae in a way that you can evaluate my suitability for the project, sure that this type of experience will increase my cultural background and can give me an extra gear, that I can use in the job market of Sardinia. My interest in international matters is very strong and I are oriented towards research a job that allows me to work in international environments, but with an eye to Sardinia where I want to be able to apply best practices for local development , that I can acquire abroad.

I think I am an open-minded person, who loves the comparison and growth, both from a personal point of view that business. I am a dynamic and active person, this brings me to love the job, especially in a team, to propose new ideas and work to achieve them. Although I'm not having gained any experience on this field, I'm sure I can develop, in a short time, the specific skills that are required even by virtue of a strong sense of duty that distinguishes me. I am available for any questions and trusting in the possibility of having the opportunity of a direct conversation, I take this opportunity to extend my most cordial greetings.