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    Wink It's a problem about time !

    I'm a little confused about the use of " In time " and " On time "..... They think they have the same meaning but some people don't think so. Can you give me the answer ? Thanks

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    Re: It's a problem about time !

    "On time" means one of two things:

    1. Something happened at exactly the time it was supposed to happen. "The train was on time" means that the train arrived at its destination at the time given in the timetable.

    2. Something happened before a deadline. "I handed in my essay on time" means that I handed in my essay before the latest time allowed.

    "In time" means something similar to the second meaning above, but can also mean that there was a bit of a rush at the end. "First, our car broke down; we got it fixed, but then we got stuck in a traffic-jam. Luckily, we made it to the airport just in time to check in."

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    Smile Re: It's a problem about time !

    The explaination of " In time" is nearly the same with the first one of " On time "....for example: I got up late but I still I went to school on time.
    So, I could be in a hurry or not.

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    Re: It's a problem about time !

    If you got up late, then you would be more likely to use 'in time'.

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    Smile Re: It's a problem about time !

    I got it now, thank you

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